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On Interruptions…

Yesterday I was on such a writing spree that my fingers were having a difficult time keeping up. I was making some significant progress on my WIP, Deadlock, a futuristic sci-fi hacker novel. Then, my twelve-year-old daughter called me. Her bus had broken down on their way home from school. I asked her if I should come and pick her up. She told me ‘no,’ and she would text me any other details about what would be happening. My thoughts were that the bus driver would likely call for another bus to carry them the rest of the way home. Then I received these images from my daughter:

They were in the middle of a busy four-lane street in the center lane! Holy crap! I assumed they were at least pulled over to the side of the road! Needless to say, my concentration and progress on my novel went out the window, kinda like my kid’s hand in that picture up there. Ugh. In any event, once my daughter made it home safely, I couldn’t get back into my writing. I guess the lesson I learned was that sometimes, even when you’ve got the creative juices flowing, life has a habit of tossing distractions at you. In my case, it was a broken-down yellow school bus.

In any case, if you’d like to know more about Deadlock or would like to subscribe to read Deadlock for free starting on July 1st, you can do so here:



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