About Me...

Hello! I'm Melissa Koberlein. I'm a young adult author and professor of communication and publishing. I live in eastern Pennsylvania with my husband and our two daughters. My passion for stories came from an imaginative childhood where every day ended with a book. I enjoy reading and writing about the spectacular, sci-fi, technology, and romance. I embrace my geekiness and love sharing it with the world.


Fireflies, a young adult trilogy, melding romance and light science fiction is a fun and quirky allegory for the future of nanotechnology. I've also written about virtual reality (Deadlock), space (Raven’s Sphere), and androids (my newest series, Ashwater). But don’t let the sci-fi elements deter you, there’s lots of humor and heart. All of my books are published with Parker West Books and are available online and in bookstores. 

If you're a writer or author, you should check out my publishing podcast, Indie Chicks. My co-host is my amazing editor, Jeni Chappelle!


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