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Welcome to the Fireflies Trilogy!

Experience A love story that spans from the Appalachian Trails to the far reaches of the Universe. Scroll down to learn more...


Ghosts don’t exist but aliens do, and they’re living inside my boyfriend.


Will has extraordinary abilities thanks to the beings living inside his body. His job is to recruit rare compatible humans to join his kind. His latest search leads him to the spirited Marley. The more time he spends with her, the more certain he is that she’s meant to be his. Meanwhile, she can’t stop dreaming about him. An alluring glimmer in his eyes reminds her of fireflies. When she discovers his true nature, her future is altered forever.


In Fireflies, Will and Marley found each other. Now they discover how much they are willing to risk for a future together.

Will doesn’t want to kill Marley, but if they take their relationship to the next level, he could do just that. The alien symbiotes living inside his body are deadly to ordinary humans. Determined to find a cure, he leaves Marley to start her senior year at Pine Grove High alone. But Marley isn’t alone… Sam Wyatt is a strange and potentially dangerous alien host called a razer. While he looks like a typical teenage boy, he’s far from it—he’s lost the ability to think for himself. At least up until now. Now there’s one thing he can think about, one thing all razers in Pine Grove think about—Marley Hunter.


Sometimes not even death can separate a love that transcends space and time.
Will is ridden with grief over the death of Marley. That is until he meets the mysterious Abigail, who is a spitting image of her. He soon uncovers a secret government project that will rock his world, sending him headfirst into a dangerous alien conspiracy even bigger than his own. Abigail doesn’t remember anything before the accident that left her in a coma. Thrown into an unfamiliar life, she finds herself a participant in a scientific experiment and the company of men with dangerous secrets. Even more unsettling is how she feels when she’s with the dark-haired boy who lives in her dreams…

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