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Welcome to Ashwater! 

Ashwater seems like a quaint tourist town in Colorado. But locals know otherwise. Mysterious disappearances spanning decades and rumors of strange experiments at the nearby Bio-Core facility are part of the town’s everyday lore. Scroll down to learn more about this exciting new series!


Adam has a secret. One he’d kill to keep.


After escaping Bio-Core, Adam just wants to fit in—a hard task for an android. He finds a home at Jack’s Arcade, and he's bluetoothed to an old 80s jukebox. When he meets Evie, a girl who lights up his CPU, he wavers between kissing her and obeying his programming to kill her. Evie, an obsessive artist, can’t stop drawing Adam. He’s socially inept, but his dance moves and the way he looks at her has her hooked. When Adam reveals his secret to her, will their connection keep her safe, or will his killer instinct win out?  Full of mystery, humor, and eighties’ music, Ashwater is the first book in Melissa Koberlein’s captivating new series.

EBOOK 2.jpg

She’s got an eye for fashion and kill shots.


Fresh off the assembly line at Bio-Core, Iris is Ashwater’s newest teen android, and she’s determined to fit in. When she steps into the local clothing shop, she feels an instant connection and overwrites her killer instincts with miniskirts and cropped sweaters. And that’s not the only thing consuming her memory files… Gage had the perfect jump shot. But after a terrible family secret threatens to turn his world upside down, he’ll be lucky to make it through the season. His only solace is with Iris, a perfect girl created in his family’s lab. When he learns that she’s harboring a secret too, one that could destroy them both, he must choose—succumb to the family curse or embrace it. Perfection is the second book in Melissa Koberlein’s captivating new series. 

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Two Species. One Body.


Sloan dreads a future of selling bongs and tie-dye at her parents’ head shop. Her only hope to escape is a letter from Edgewood University that she’s too afraid to open. Making her senior year more complicated are the feelings she’s developed for Derrick, her best friend’s brother. And everyone knows that BFBs are off limits, right? Derrick had a plan: go to MIT, solve the world’s problems, and forget about the crush he has on Sloan, his brother’s best friend. Too bad scholarships weren’t as abundant as the french fries in his family’s diner. Plan B: get an internship at Bio-Core and admit his feelings for Sloan. But fate has other plans as he learns that there are stranger things than androids strolling the streets of Ashwater. Evolution is the third book in Melissa Koberlein’s captivating Ashwater series.


Part Man. Part Machine. All Heart.

Luke can’t imagine life without football or Celia, his favorite waitress at Dixon’s Diner. That all changes when he’s caught in an explosion. A groundbreaking surgery saves his life but not his limbs. Fitted with android prosthetics that seem to have a mind of their own, he’s devastated about being Ashwater’s newest novelty and swears off recovery. But his physical therapist won’t let this cyborg off the hook that easily... Celia was used to taking care of herself. Her parents’ departure from sanity demanded it. After exchanging her diner apron for a physical therapy license, she accepts the opportunity of a lifetime to work with a revolutionary patient at Bio-Core. Too bad Luke doesn’t want her help. Determined to make him whole despite his bitter demeanor, she soon discovers he isn’t the only one in need of healing. Resurrection is the fourth book in Melissa Koberlein’s captivating Ashwater series.

Trouble Never Looked So Good… 

Mazy can’t believe she’s stuck at Edgewood University for her freshman year of college thanks to an accident that left her leg in a cast. Making her semester worse is fellow classmate and total bad boy, Steel Strickland, the person she holds responsible for her broken leg. Mazy can’t stand him and tells him every chance she gets. But there’s a fine line between love and hate, and Mazy’s about to find out how fine that line is… Steel can’t believe the beautiful Mary Elizabeth, who everyone calls Mazy, saved his life. He’s always had a thing for her, but when she pushes him out of the way of an out-of-control car, he’s smitten. Too bad she doesn’t like his brand of charm. But Steel is determined to change her mind even if it means showing her his softer side. Nah, he has no such thing. 

Check out the Ashwater Spotify playlist! More songs added with each new book. 

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