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Do you know how to kiss a girl?

I found this online. Reddit, I think. I was surfing, trying to cleanse my mental palate from too much plotting. Some of you may get a giggle from it. Sure, it's ridiculous. But it also makes me incredibly sad and a bit angry.

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I spent most of my time in grad school researching and speaking about how the media affects society's perception and treatment of women. This is an ad for gum. But that's not all it is. It's an ad diminishing the rights of women. It's an ad for silencing women. It's an ad for sexual assault. The media affects all of us and has throughout our history. Sometimes it's good to stop and reflect on it.

Luckily for us, Listerated Pepsin gum is no longer around. At least I've never heard of it. I'm thankful because according to the ad, NOT chewing it was the Mace spray of 1916.


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