Welcome to Ashwater, Colorado.

Ashwater seems like a quaint tourist town. But locals know otherwise. Mysterious disappearances spanning decades and rumors of strange experiments at the nearby Bio-Core facility are part of the town’s everyday lore.

Adam has a secret. One he’d kill to keep.

After escaping Bio-Core, Adam just wants to fit in—a hard task for an android. He finds a home at Jack’s Arcade, and everyone loves his new dance game. When he meets Evie, a girl who lights up his CPU, he wavers between kissing her and obeying his programming to kill her.

Evie, an obsessive artist, can’t stop drawing Adam. He’s socially inept, but his dance moves and the way he looks at her has her hooked. When Adam reveals his secret to Evie, will their connection keep her safe, or will his killer instinct win out?

Full of mystery, humor, and eighties’ music, Ashwater is the first book in Melissa Koberlein’s captivating new series.

Fans of Fireflies, Riverdale, and Stranger Things will love it!

The Fireflies Trilogy

“Ghosts don’t exist, but aliens do, and they’re living inside my boyfriend.”
Will has extraordinary abilities thanks to the beings living inside his body. His job is to recruit rare compatible humans to join his kind. His latest search leads him to Marley, a girl he believes is meant to be his. Meanwhile, she can't stop dreaming about him. An alluring glimmer in his eyes reminds her of fireflies. When she discovers his true nature, her future is altered forever.

"A mix of Twilight and I am Number Four, the twist at the end was unpredictable, making it a good turn adding spice and intrigue to the plot." -Review from Writer's Digest

"Teen romance readers will devour this book. Fans of Twilight and The Host will also enjoy this book." -Online Book Club Review