Welcome to Ashwater, Colorado. 

The Tucson Festival of Books is almost here, and with that comes my newest novel- Ashwater. Pre-release copies will be available exclusively at the festival. The release date of Ashwater will be later this year.

I’m excited about this one for a couple of reasons. One, it’s android meets girl. I’ve wanted to write that story for a very long time. Two, it’s the start of a new series. I have lots of great characters in Ashwater. Each one could have their own story. Lastly, this novel has a Spotify playlist that follows the story. That’s right, I have a soundtrack to my novel!!! How cool is that?

So without further ado, here’s your first introduction to Ashwater:

Welcome to Ashwater, Colorado.

From the outside, Ashwater appears to be a quaint tourist town. But, the locals know otherwise. Mysterious disappearances spanning decades and rumors of strange experiments at the nearby Bio-Core facility are part of the town’s everyday lore.

Adam has a secre