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Welcome to Ashwater, Colorado. 

The Tucson Festival of Books is almost here, and with that comes my newest novel- Ashwater. Pre-release copies will be available exclusively at the festival. The release date of Ashwater will be later this year.

I’m excited about this one for a couple of reasons. One, it’s android meets girl. I’ve wanted to write that story for a very long time. Two, it’s the start of a new series. I have lots of great characters in Ashwater. Each one could have their own story. Lastly, this novel has a Spotify playlist that follows the story. That’s right, I have a soundtrack to my novel!!! How cool is that?

So without further ado, here’s your first introduction to Ashwater:

Welcome to Ashwater, Colorado.

From the outside, Ashwater appears to be a quaint tourist town. But, the locals know otherwise. Mysterious disappearances spanning decades and rumors of strange experiments at the nearby Bio-Core facility are part of the town’s everyday lore.

Adam has a secret. One he’d kill to keep.

After escaping from Bio-Core, Adam just wants to fit in—a difficult feat for an android. He’s found a home at Jack’s Arcade in Ashwater and is the talk of the high school for developing a new dance game. When he meets Evie, a girl who lights up his CPU, he wavers between kissing her and obeying his programming to kill her. Meanwhile, Evie, an obsessive artist, can’t stop drawing the socially inept Adam. Although he’s insulted her on more than one occasion, his dance moves and the way he looks at her has her hooked. When Adam reveals his secret to Evie, will his connection to her keep her safe or will his killer instinct win out?

Full of mystery, humor, and eighties music, Ashwater is the first book in Melissa Koberlein’s captivating new series.

Fans of Fireflies, Riverdale, and Stranger Things will love it!


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