Tucson Festival of Books (1/3): Travel

I’m dedicating a few blog posts to my trip out west for the Tucson Festival of Books.

As I rose at 4 am on March 10th, I realized that the predicted snow had not yet fallen. Hurriedly, I grabbed my phone and checked my trusty weather app. The colorful clouds bringing rain, sleet, and snow to the Lehigh Valley were indeed on their way. My flight was scheduled to depart at 6:25 am for Tucson by way of Chicago. The Tucson Festival of Books was my final destination, and I couldn’t wait to be surrounded by warm weather and books.

After arriving at the airport, with my boarding pass ready to go, I swiftly made it through security without a pat-down. This was a change from the last time I went through security at the Philadelphia airport and received a public chest exam. She was nice, and hopefully, I wasn’t too awkward (I may have tried to strike up a conversation amid her prying fingers fast at work around my bosom). Anywho…

Once I had settled in a seat by the gate, I noticed that the attendant checking folks in for my flight began to eye up my carry-on bag. I glanced around at everyone else to be sure that my bag was similar to everyone else’s, which it was. Although, I admit my bag was a bit heavy due to a gift for my wonderful hosts and some swag-y items to hand out alongside selling my young adult trilogy (I shipped the books ahead of time). The attendant approached me and politely said, “You are going to have to check this bag.”