A Night Off

If you are already a fan of Fireflies, here is the first short story. I love all my Fireflies characters, and some of them have been nagging me for  a voice of their own. Enjoy. Agent Jeffrey Rushmore walked to the door, turned the lock, and slid the chain into its path, securing the hotel room. He walked back between the double beds, taking the phone off of the receiver. He needed a break from all of the chaos.

His life was turned upside down. Ever since he was reassigned to a special unit of the FBI, sworn to never speak of his activity, he felt isolated. Sure, he had his fair share of girlfriends. At one point he had been engaged. Still, now, his life was devoid of a woman or family. There wasn’t even a glimmer of hope, at least, not in his line of work.

He grabbed the Jack Daniels he bought at the local state store off of the dresser, and filled his glass for the third time. Booze was becoming his substitute for a life. It was sad, really. He sat down on the bed nearest the door of the hotel room, glancing into the mirror across the room. He wasn’t a bad looking man at 6’2” with sandy brown hair, and a physique that took years to craft. That was the way of it, though. People in this line of work had to take care of themselves. Still, a lot of good it did him when he was alone, without someone to share his life with, on the very few nights he had to himself.

Or, at least he thought he was alone…until he heard the knocking.

Jeff rushed to the door and stood beside it, his Glock at the ready. No one knew he checked in at this hotel.

“Who is it?”

“Room service…” a seductive female voice said.

“I didn’t order any room service,” the agent replied.

He heard a rich laugh, and then, “It’s okay, Jeff. It’s me, Jane.”

Jeff opened the door to his hotel room. Standing before him was the one person he didn’t want to see tonight. Jane Reed is a part of his case load. She is a beautiful, slender, woman with dark eyes and hair to match. It’s too bad she is happily married. She also has an uncanny gift for locating people, which would explain how she knew where to find him. What could